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Eaton 5PX G2 UPS

Eaton 5PX G2 UPS


Introducing the latest addition to Eaton’s 5 series UPS line, the Eaton 5PX G2 rack-mount and tower UPS provides the maximum power possible at each power rating. The 5PX G2 UPS has power ratings ranging from 1 to 3 kVA, with low and high voltage options and offers up to four optional external battery modules for extra runtime. With select 2 and 3 kVA models, the 5PX G2 UPS offers a reduced depth that conserves space for high-density wall-mounted rack installation.

Applications include: Enterprise and distributed IT, telecom, retail, banks, IDF, small business, long runtime needs. 

Connected equipment may include: Servers (including VoIP), storage, networking equipment, switches (including PoE) and other IT equipment. 

Eaton 5PX1000RTG2, 1000VA/1000W,5-15P,(8) 5-15R,120V,2U
Eaton 5PX1000RTNG2, 1000VA/1000W 120V w/Network Card 2U
Eaton 5PX1500RTG2,1440VA/1440W,5-15P, (8) 5-15R, 120V, 2U
Eaton 5PX1500RTNG2 1440 VA / 1440 Watt Line Interactive UPS with Network Card
Eaton 5PX2000RT3UN,1950VA/1950W,5-20P,1-L5-20R,6-5-20R,120V, 3U
Eaton 5PX2000RTG2, 1950 Va/Watt, 5-20 P, (1) L5-20P,120VAC
Eaton 5PX2000RTNG, 1950VA/1950W, 5-20P,1-L5-20R, 6x5-20R,2U,Network
Eaton 5PX3000RT3UNG2, 3000VA, 3000W, L5-30P in, Out: 1- L5-30R, 6- 5-20, Network
Eaton 5PX3000RTG2, 3000VA, 3000W, L5-30P in, Out 1-L5-30R, (6) 5-20, 120V , 2U
Eaton 5PX3000RTNG2, 3000VA, 3000W, L5-30P in, Out: 1- L5-30R, 6- 5-20, Network
Eaton 5PXEBM48RTG2, extended battery module (EBM), 2U
Eaton 5PXEBM72RT3UAG2, extended battery module (EBM), 3U
Eaton 5PXEBM72RTG2 extended battery module (EBM), 2U