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HDMI High Speed Cables to Micro HDMI Cables 3ft


Premium HDMI High Speed Cables to Micro HDMI Cables


  • Capable of handling high speed transition of 13.8Gbps for next generation 2160p applications.
  • Encompasses 3D resolutions up to dual-stream 1080p for 3D gaming and other 3D video applications.
  • Our cables have a built in Ethernet channel which incorporates the HDMI 1.4 specification. Allows high-speed, bi-directional communication up to 100 Mb/sec. Eliminates the need for Ethernet cables between the internet connection and individual devised by allowing internet-enabled HDMI devices to share an internet connection via the HDMI link.
  • Adds an audio "upstream" channel that reduces the number of cables required from TV to A/V receivers. Allows the TV to send audio to the AV receiver over the HDMI cable when a built-in tuner or DVD player is being used.
  • The new specification enables HDMI devices to support extremely high HD resolutions, effectively four times the resolution of a 1080p device. Support for 4K allows the HDMI interface to transmit digital content at the same resolution as the state-of-the-art Digital Cinema systems used in many movie theaters.
  • Designed to support the new HDMI v1.4 specification for three addition colour spaces (gamuts): sYCC601 color, Adobe RGB color, Adobe YCC601 color
  • Manufactured with 99.999% OFC conductors
  • Gold plated connectors optimize connectivity
  • Constructed with molded connectors for added strain relief
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • 1 x HDMI A Male
  • 1 x HDMI Micro D Male