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Bypass Power Modules (BPM)

Bypass Power Modules (BPM)

Bypass Power Module (BPM) acts as both a maintenance bypass and a panelboard. Providing you with increased flexibility, the BPM lowers upfront and electrical costs while protecting against downtime during equipment maintenance.

While a centralized UPS can provide enormous value over distributed designs, power distribution and reliability become more critical to the infrastructure plan. Because they are hardwired, UPSs over 6 kVA almost always require a maintenance bypass to provide a means of directly connecting utility power to IT equipment. In the event of scheduled UPS preventive maintenance, a service event or failure, maintenance bypass functionality helps keep critical loads running. In addition to a bypass, centralized systems also need a means to distribute over 6 kVA of power from the UPS to connected equipment. A traditional, centralized design may require a panelboard, wiring and conduit, not to mention the costs associated with electrical installation.

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