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Eaton ePDUs Basic

Eaton Basic Rack PDU

Eaton Basic PDUs have 0U, 1U and 2U form factors and a variety of output receptacle choices for reliable, cost-effective power distribution and branch circuit protection for all connected equipment in your server racks. Basic PDU models feature Eaton's patented IEC outlet grip plug retention to prevent accidental equipment disconnects, color-coded outlet sections for quick visual identification, a low-profile form factor and a high operating temperature threshold.
Eaton EPBZ98 Basic ePDU 12A input 5-15P output 5-15P(In Stock Only)
Eaton EPBZ82 Basic ePDU, 1U L5-20P input 1.92 kW max 100-120V 16A(In Stock Only)
Eaton EPBZ74 Basic ePDU 16A IN: 5-20P/L5-20P, OUT: (14) 5-15/20R (In Stock Only)
Eaton EPBZ96 Basic ePDU 16A input L5-20P, output (24) 5-20R(In Stock Only)
Eaton EPBZ97 Basic ePDU, 0U 5-20P input 1.92 kW max, 110-125V 16A(In Stock Only)
Eaton EPBZ84 Basic ePDU, 1U L5-30P input 2.88 kW max 100-127V 24A(In Stock Only
Eaton EPBZ78 Basic ePDU, 1U L5-30P input 2.88 kW max 100-120V,24A(In Stock Only)
Eaton EPBZ90 Basic ePDU, 0U L5-30P input 2.88 kW max 100-127V 24A(In Stock Only